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    Mutt brought up a real interesting point in one of my other posts. Probably deserves its own thread and debate:

    What do you all think about using ultra-high strength line to land fish? Is fishing technology doing a disservice to the sport and violating the principle of "fair chase?" (i.e. depth finders, underwater cameras, advances in fishing line contruction and strength) Or should be embrace this technology and use it to our advantage?
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    I think there are two sides for this one. The make it easier group or make it harder group. I feel if you use one item that makes it easier you cant be against all the rest. Use a baitcaster reel all the others are fair game, which includes powerpro line and boats, motors, and fish finders.

    If you want to get together with your primal side, thats ok too. Just cut a branch for your pole, make your own line, make your own hook, find your own bait, and walk or ride a horse to your fishing spot. Me Ill stick to the easy way of modern man.

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    I feel it is a good topic myself. Do I use a depth finder yes I do. I use it to find structure the thermicline etc as for finding fish nope the fish are there dont need no thing to tell me that. as for underwater cameras and them fish callers you see on the bass shows and others i say no way. a depth finder though is a good tool though i use it for keeping a eye on my depth so i dont run aground. on a body of water ive never been on. heavy lines well if the average weight of the fish you are after is say 5 pounds i myself cant see going much over 8 or 10 and only becasue sometimes i do have to pull the bait over a log or the fish too. When I fish for trout (trolling) i use spider wire 17 pound due to the drag on the line from flashers ect. when i go fishing for cats i have 10 pound line on never needed anymore then that. and i feel at times its overkill.
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    Everyone is looking for advantage. I often wonder if anyone does anything for fun anymore. Most put more effort into catching the biggest fish than they do at school or work. More gadgets to catch more and bigger fish/deer. I just go out, if God gives me a fish or deer, then I say thanks and enjoy if not then I go home happy to have another day to enjoy the other gifts. I dont like loosing fish, not because I lost them, but because I worry that the fish will die because of my carelessness or lack of skill.
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    I don't have a problem with any of it. If someone has the money to buy a few toys I say more power to 'em.