Ethanol related component failure

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    Folks, we have all heard about ethanol ruining the rubber components in our fuel systems. My motor started running sluggish at top speed, and the fuel bulb kept collapsing, even though the tank was well vented. I replaced the fuel filter at the engine, and it was FULL of a fine, black substance. This didn't correct my problem, so I next went to the fuel line and bulb. Figuring to replace the bulb anyhow, I cut the bulb open and was shocked! The whole inside of it was shredded. These shreds were breaking loose and clogging my fuel line. I couldn't even blow through the line with the bulb off, and the shreds, up to an inch or two long, had clogged the whole line from one end to the other! Bottom line is, if your rubber components, fuel lines, bulbs, etc. were made prior to being made from alcohol resistant materials, it is a very inexpensive piece of insurance to replace them. It's miracle I didn't blow my engine up starving it for fuel! Just thought I would post this so others could nip this problem in the bud, before risking blowing up an expensive engine. Check this photo out! It's a pic of my fuel bulb turned inside out to show the shredding.
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