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    Sit DOWN for this and get a tissue.

    3rd Update/7:32pm [Ben] Sorry to keep you in anticipation. The phone has been ringing non stop since my last update and I had to just hide it. But we have been in the process of moving to a secure location before posting for Ethan's protection from infection from well meaning visitors. This will all make more sense in a few moments.

    Since February 8th, I believe that God has shook the lives of thousands of people through one little boy. And in the beginning, so many people thought it was crazy to BELIEVE in miracles. Although we are a long way from over... the MIRACLE has exited the hospital for the first time as 'Little Ben'. It is official... Ethan's marrow (the source of cells) consists of 100% my cells. Not only the blood stream, but now the marrow as well. He has no tubes of any kind hooked up, and he was thrown an official NO MORE CHEMO party by the nurses complete with balloons and confetti. Although we are no longer living in a hospital, Ethan will continue daily visits to the hospital. At 100 days, they will check the marrow again. Now from day to day, they will monitor the white blood cells counts and the ANC for any changes. It the numbers spike then it is an indication that the LEUKEMIA has returned. BUT WE WILL CONTINUE TO PRAY AGAINST THAT UNTIL HE IS DECLARED CURED. Everyday from here out is going to be a big day. Because relapse would be considered the end of the road for Ethan since the chemo has been exhausted. So each day, we will post the progress and also we will be watching for any cell rejection. BUT OFFICIALLY AS OF TODAY... ETHAN IS MADE UP OF 100% MY CELLS! You have yelled VICTORY with us everyday. And today is further proof of the Power of a LIVING BREATHING GOD! Please send up a thank you prayer on Ethan's behalf. For all that He has done, Becky and I thank HIM. We ask that you do the same for us as well. Then we will continue to pray our way down the mountain. Please take the time to read this verse again, and see why I always ramble on about MARK 11:21-24
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    Thanks alot for the update, that is great news.

    Our God is an Awesome God.

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    Thanks for the update and the good news. Yes our God is an Awesome God. He does hear and answer prayerToday