Essay I wrote over noodling & flathead catfish

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    Please dont take any of this the wrong way, just needed something to write an essay about.

    Kyle Snider
    Jan 4, 2006
    1st Hour
    Place Size Limits On Noodling

    Not for the faint of heart, noodling is a sport which many participate in. Noodling is done
    by reaching one’s hand into a catfish’s hideout and wrestling out the fish. The most sought after
    catfish is the Flathead Catfish. Flathead can grow to over one hundred pounds. They spawn in the
    spring and early summer. Noodling is done during the spawn when fish move into holes to build
    and protect nest. Due to noodling, many nest are left unguarded and many big fish are harvested
    for the table. In order to have an adequate amount of big fish around we need to leave some. Size
    limits should be set for noodling to increase the amount of big fish.
    Flathead can grow to phenomenal sizes, therefore needing much to eat. It takes ten
    pounds of fresh fish for a flathead to gain one pound of body weight. A flatheads diet consist
    almost entirely of live food. By having several flathead, populations of baitfish and gamefish
    are kept in balance. If populations were to get out of control many fish would die and growth
    would be stunted due to competition for food and space. Dramatic population shifts would throw
    off the entire food change and ecosystem in the area.
    Flathead catfish have a slower reproductive rate than most other freshwater fish species.
    They take four to six years to mature and become fertile. Females lay only around 1,000 eggs per
    pound of body weight, where as other catfish produce about 3,000-4,000 eggs per pound of body
    weight. Due to the lower egg production it helps a lot to have the larger fish in the water since
    produce a lot of eggs. Males and females both guard the nest and fan the silt off the eggs until
    they hatch. When protecting the nest they will attack anything that gets near it, including a
    noodler’s hand. By taking bigger fish there would be fewer mature fish to breed. Along with
    having a low reproductive rate, it may take a flathead 10-15 years to reach 60 pounds.
    The opportunity for others to catch a big fish is very important. The feeling of catching a
    big fish is very exciting. Big flathead fight like a heavyweight and pull like a bulldozer. I believe
    everyone should be able to enjoy catching a large fish. The memories last a lifetime and the
    stories can be told through the generations. I constantly hear stories of my father, uncles,
    grandparents and even great-grandparents catching big flathead catfish. I would like to pass the
    same stories and even some of my own down to my children, their children, and so on. They
    should also have the opportunity to pull in big fish for the hard work they may put into finding
    Placing size limits on noodling would increase the amount of large fish. By practicing
    catch and release of flatheads over 50 pounds, numbers of baitfish and gamefish would be kept
    under control, catfish would have the chance to spawn and produce more offspring, and many
    others would get the chance to enjoy catching large fish. Catfishing means a lot to me and many
    other people I know, it would be a shame to see it lose popularity over something that could be
    easily fixed.
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    Hi Kyle,

    Have you ever personally "noodled"? How many times have you been? What sizes did you catch? How many fish did you catch each trip?

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    Good reading. I agree with what you wrote. I personally do not noodle, but ain't about to knock the guys that do. Heck, ya'll got bigger marbles than I do !

    Size limits only make sence.
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    That was a great read and flowed well I thought. Great subject aswell. I hope you got a good grade. I give it an A+
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    i didnt have time to also tell you guys, that i really think that it noodling wouldnt have that much of an effect unless it was in an area that was just noodled all over. thanks for the comments
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    i think that it is a sport all its own and hope it never fades,it is poballay the most exciting thing i have ever done.
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    Great read Kyle. I agree with your post. I love noodling and I do some here in central Oklahoma when the weather gets right. Most of the guys I know in noodling actually practice catch and release with the big ones. I know of one female we caught two years in a row. She was identifiable by being blind on the left side and had a big scar across her tail. She weighs about 45 pounds. The sport is starting to get more popular now and I don't think people practice catch and release as much. I don't blame them, it is quite a feat to grab and wrestle a large flathead out of it's hole. Then you gotta have pictures and show them off. We have tournaments also now. I don't really like the tournament deal but I hope they release them unharmed.

    Little advice, if you do find a good flathead hole it will always be a good hole, unless something changes to the structure. They come back year after year. :)
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    Some of you might remember my experience noodling last year and catching my first fish. It was around June 7th more or less. I go to a church camp with my family every year about that same date. The pedernales river(in Texas) runs not more than 100 feet form our camp. Every year for 3 years I had been trying to noodle a fish. This last year I found about a 4-5 pound channel cat in a hole. This is the first fish I actually found and had an oppertunity to catch. I pulled it out, took some pictures and released it. Texas is one of the states where noodling is illegal, but I felt that my intentions were for fun and to say I did it, not for the purpose of removing the fish. It was about the most exciting thing to pull a fish out with your bare hands. Noodling to me should be about fun not harvesting fish. Too many big fish get removed from noodling, just a personal opinion, so where its legal I respect the people who follow the law. At work right now or id post the picture, its on the old boc site.
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    Very well written and a good read. Good luck to you, I know I always hated writing essays, but it was always easier when you could write about something youve done or enjoy.

    By the way if you copied and pasted from word or whatever you have a few grammatical errors you need to fix. If this is so let me know and ill point em out.