EricM's 19th IGFA Record!!!!

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    I just found out that the 22 lb. freshwater drum that I caught this spring has been accepted by the IGFA as the World 50 lb Line Class record (by 1 pound)!! That makes a total of 19 IGFA records I've set: 4 for blue catfish (World Line Class records), 4 for freshwater drum (World Line Class records), 3 for rainbow trout (IGFA TN State records), 6 for largemouth bass (IGFA TN State records), and 2 for smallmouth bass (IGFA TN State records).

    Now, if the duct tape that holds my boat (and my heart) together will continue to hold, I'm still trying for that 50+ blue cat on 4 lb line for record #20. I've had the record up to the boat but couldn't get it netted alone (in the dark) and lost it after an 8 hour and 10 minute fight, so I know if I'm patient I can do it.

    I want to thank all of my friends here who've been rooting for me, my boat, and my heart!! I hope to have more adventures/disasters to report soon! :smile2:

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