Equipment Review on Penn Roddy 175

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by WylieCat, Oct 4, 2005.

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    I snagged a Penn Roddy 175 on E-Bay a couple of weeks ago and I have had a chance to fish a couple of times with it.

    The reel lists for $54.99, but they are available everywhere for around $35.00 Do some looking and you can find them for $29.00. They have the Penn name, but it is my understanding that they are actually made by Master Rod Co. who is supposedly a co-owner of Penn.

    So far the reel has performed great. I loaded it up with 25 lb. Ande line and took it out. It casts really well and it is really easy setting the drag correctly. I own a couple of Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5000's and 6500's, and the new 6500's almost seem to need a "break-in" period before they perform to the maximum. The Roddy 175 threw and retrieved well right out of the box.

    The Roddy 175 has a really smooth and well balenced retrieve. The handle seems to be a little further off the main reel than the Abu Garcia reels and this seems to make things work smoother.

    I have not took it apart, nor have I had to order replacement parts for it. This is probably an area where Abu Garcia will have an advantage. The Ambassadeur series of reels has a good supply of parts readily available in stores and online. Time will tell on the Roddy 175, but it will have to overcome a lot if it wants to have the staying power of a workhourse like an Ambassadeur 5000 or 6500.

    The reel is larger and bulkier than the Ambassadeurs. It has more of the feel of a saltwater reel than a freshwater reel. You will probably not want to flip for Largemouth with it, but you will feel really confident when you set the hook in a 45+ pound Blue or Flathead.

    If I was buying a new reel I would not hesitate to buy the Roddy 175. As a matter of fact, I will be buying another one in the next couple of weeks. Time will tell on its long term performace.

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    there was several reviews on the old board. they were mixed on this one and most were not to impressive. i had one i got for $26 on ebay. there made in china. there actually to my understanding a heavy fresh to light salt water reel. i like it while i had it. caught some decent channels on it. seemed smooth.

    dh said his boy caught a 40ish # flathead on his and it never worked right again. it seemed large and didn't hold the line line a penn or abu of the same size. i didn't like the cast frame either. cast metal breaks easily.

    although i never had any trouble with mine i intended using it for flathead. after hearing bad reviews i kept channel fishing with it all last year and early this year.

    then my neighbor had a delta diamond tool box like new he said hed sell for $50. i ended up bartering off this reel on a 9' night stick for the box.

    there were high hopes when it was released but from the old posts on the other board it fell short of its expectations.