End of winter fishing

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  1. bnt55

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    Northern KY
    It is getting to be that time of year where, at least for me, hunting season has come to an end and warmer days will be popping up here and there (fingers crossed). And if I am starting to get the itch then I know there are other guys/gals out there thinking about stealing away to fish the river on one of these late winter bluebird days...so I thought it would be nice to post up some catfish winter fishing tips for those of us lucky enough to wet a line. I'll add a couple and hopefully learn some at the same time!

    Winter tip

    #1- Fish when the water is stable or slowly rising
    #2- Try to find the deepest holes in outside bends with cover, then I setup at the head of them in about 40 ft of water
    #3- Live shad or frozen skipjack is what I use 100%

    since I am an amateur I am sure the pros on here can share a tip or three

  2. katfish ken

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    I am no pro but I will throw a thought or two in.
    In late winter and early spring I like to have some night crawlers along. I figure the fish are use to smaller baits that wash into the water from spring rains and run off of disturbed grounds that has taken place over the winter.
    Small lively bluegills,creek chubs and such have been very productive for me at this time of year.

  3. crazyKat

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    i hate to see winter over. to me its the best time to fish. colder the better. one thing i like to add is we anchored all winter. we didnt catch anything drifting. fish just arent as active.this was my first real winter fishing and i wish i would have started it yrs ago. it blows summer time out of the water.
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    SW Ohio
    I agree, kind of bummed winter is coming to an end. Best fishing of the entire year IMO. But who are we kidding? This is the midwest, it will still be snowing in april! :smile2::wink:
  5. 10POUNDER

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    I caught 5 about 3 weeks ago near Stevensport on the Ohio that ranged from 6 to 10 pounds ....In about 3 feet of water about 40 yards from a massive log jam!.....I dont know how it happend but they gave no fight at all ,and I caught my biggest catfish of my life . And they were all blues ...Weird or not ?