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    Weekend after weekend, my buddy Mitch and I ventured up the shallow Neuse catching small channel cats and flatheads in the 1lb. to 8lb. range with an occasional striper. We had always used cut/live bluegills, giant goldfish, nightcrawlers etc... but tonight we decided we would hook this puny looking live eel the girl at the bait shop suggested we try. So after 5 mins or so of trying to get this unwilling opponent on the hook my buddy said, you fish with the eel from {hades} and I`ll use the crawlers. So I put out my eel, baited another rig w/cut bluegill and had just tossed it out when Mitch caught a nice channel about 6lbs. He looked around and said, "crawlers never let me down". I just laughed, and a minute later my clicker went off, Mitch said "it`s still taking LINE!", so figuring due to the puny size of my eel it is probably a puny fish. So i just threw the lock on....bad mistake! The fish nearly broke my Talavera rod and the rod holder. I managed to jerk the rod from the holder, and it was on! After 20 minutes or so I saw the flathead for the first time. WOW what a fish. My buddy attempted to net him but missed, and then the flathead got serious taking 160 ft of my 190 ft 50 lb Cajun Red line. But I was able to get him boated the 2nd time. My new personal best ever! A 40 lb Flathead! It's also my new avatar pic. What a fight!