Emmrod Packer Combo, Review to Date

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    Now that I've finally caught a fish of reasonable size (6.25# channel cat), I can comment a bit more on the Emmrod. For those of you not familiar with this, the Emmrod is a compact fishing pole. Total length is approximately 22", with a coil spring to give the rod its play. These spring tips are interchangable to target different sizes of fish.

    Fishing with the Emmrod is definitely different. In order to cast for any appreciable distance, you must have approximately one foot of line from tip of rod to sinker. I've been able to cast as well as I can with a 5' rod, but getting the timing on the Emmrod cast takes a bit of practice.

    Rod sensitivity is also an issue. With the standard four-coil rod, the tip barely twitches when a fish is nibbling. Thus, it is important to either pay close attention, or to have some sort of bite indicator. Reeling in a 6# fish on 8# line is no problem, and the spring easily accommodates such a light fish.

    Using this as a boat rod can be an issue on a party boat. You need to be able to have backswing to get good distance. However, if you have enough room to move through 135 degrees in the cast, you should be able to use this.

    One big problem with this rod is that I haven't figured out how to cast into the wind with it; the wind seems to catch the line and blow it behind me.

    The bottom line for me is that this is a very handy travel rod. It will break down to less than 13 inches, and it is rated for fish up to 25# with the four-coil tip. If you're fishing in close quarters, this will be better-suited than a standard rod. For me, however, I'd prefer to have a conventional rod around to deal with headwinds, but when I don't have to cast into the wind, I'm happy to use the Emmrod

    -- Rich