Emergency need these ?'s answered immediately

Discussion in 'NORTH CAROLINA LAKES / RESERVOIRS' started by Brendin0702, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. Brendin0702

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    North Carolina
    Answering any question will help a lot.
    Which areas in the Cape Fear River are good for catfishing?
    Would big night crawlers or goldfish work good around right now? List any bait suggestions you think would work.
    What bait is recommended for jug lines (in any area)?
    Where could I catch shad in a cast net in the Cape Fear River? Or if you know what structure you catch them at?
    Would a carolina rig work for live bait and if any suggestions please post.
    If you have any tips or suggestions to help me get some catfish in the boat please post.
    I need to know most of these by tomorrow so please if you know anyone that can help me with my ?'s please ask them to help me this is an emergency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    South Cent
    Welcome brendin! Sorry can't help you in your area, but it won't take long..