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    Well got my lower end back last night , got it on at 10pm after a few new words learned and we hit the water this morning at5.....at about noon I put a new skip jack head on , got comfy and somewhere in there fell asleep with the pole in my hand lol.Yes my boy was running the trolling motor keeping us drifting right . Well as I got into it deep the fishing pole went down and came back up slapping me in the face , needless to say I woke up ready to snap at him thinking practical joke:crazy: , but I caught my 1st cat , 5 1/2 pounds .we hit them pretty good , kept looping back around and hitting the same 50 yard stretch for about an hour until they quit .Never felt like sleeping again while in the boat , gets the blood pumping. Was thinking we were doing something wrong , 5 times out and no hits , doing it the old fashioned way(no depth finder)(if anyone has 1 for sale to save $ let me know).Guess it was just finally our time as the cat god smiled down on us.Also thanks to Nick for giving us some Skipjacks. Well , we are hooked . Kids are all ready planning next weekend! Thanks for all the help on here .I didn't have a cam with us so no pics and we thought we would let them all go to grow to record size .
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    Yep, Been there and done that. It makes for a good run when the fish are biting. Don't give up though I haven't had a taker in the last three outings but that will change.

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    Roy, sounds like you're having better luck than I was. I'm glad to hear the kids are enjoying the fishing as well. Have fun and keep it up. Nick