Elwood Res Update!!

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    Hastings, Ne.
    Well considering the low conditions of this lake, it's still very fishable from the bank or boat. I was able to unload my 16'6" Smoker Craft on the lake. Just be careful and have 4-wheel drive. Anyhow, the fishing was pretty darn good on the cats. Myself and a friend were driting, I was using blood bait and had my 1st. cat at 6:30am. 3 others were caught on blood and I lost 3 more due to bad hooksets. Just my fault. The cats ranged in weight from 3 to 7 lbs. My friend used leaches and had a couple of bites. Next week the bluegills are getting used, so I'm expecting some action for sure!!:wink: Low water keeps the fish contained in a smaller area and makes it easier to locate them. The cats I caught were in 12-30' of water. Also had some bites on Shad Gizzards to. I caught these cats on Saturday morning. Was going today, but it was raining, so I kept the boat at the cabin. Need the dry conditions to use the boat, because of the dirt-makeshift boat ramp.

    Stay tuned bros!!

    fish were kept and cleaned. Check the avatar and profile pic.. tasted great!!