Elwood Res. report.

Discussion in 'LOCAL NEBRASKA TALK' started by bownero, May 17, 2009.

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    Well, it's been a slow weekend of fishing for me. Tried about everything under the sun for bait. Shad gizzards, bluegill, nightcrawlers, leeches and etc.! Managed to get 1 heck of a hit on a bluegill while drifting on Elwood. It broke my 20# test leader like there's no tomorrow!! I believe it was a big Ol' Tiger Muskie that slammed the gill. After that nothing happened. My freind and I drifted about the entire lake Friday morning. Showed plenty of fish on the locater. Set the bait at the proper depth, but nothing. Everybody, I talked to had the same amount of bad luck. It sucked!!:confused2: Well, we'll have to try next weekend. Will have an extra day to fish to, because of the Memorial Day!!! Will have some blood to try too. At least I hope. Hoping that seals the deal on some nice cats!!

    Keep ya posted!!
    Later bros!!
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    Don't feel bad I took the family out to Big Lake Mac and out of 12 boats I saw loading up only 2 of them caught anything and none of them were keepers. I'll be at Lake Maloney this weekend. Good luck to all.