Elk lounging and grazing

Discussion in 'Big Game Hunting' started by rebelzgrl76, Jun 20, 2007.

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    We drove up about 9200 feet in elevation out in the middle of nowhere when we came across a herd off in the distance. Not a very good picture because they were so far off. But we looked at them with the binoculars. Always nice to see elk; I could sit and watch them all day long.

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    AMY nice picture.If you had gotton a little closer you would have seen the big smiles on those elks faces.Thats becasue they realized you know me and they had made my elk hunting life miserable for years by appearing just like this in June and then disappearing in Oct.:big_smile::lol:They are magnificent animals and you simply cant believe how fast and quietly they can go through miles of blow down timber.Every elk hunter in the BOC will recognize this picture as the pre hunting season elk taunt.:big_smile::eek:oooh::smile2::lol:

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    At 9,000 plus feet, they are almost twice as high up as any place we have in the appalachain or allegeny mountains in VA. Virginia had elk when the colonists arrived but they are all gone now. The state biologists are afraid of disease and will not try to re-introduce elk in VA. At least not now. Our neighbor to the southwest KY has elk and a few slip across the border and are legal to harvest during deer season. I wish we had them. What a magnificent animal! Thanks for the picture.
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    we have elk in the tx panhandle, and they are legal year round. i have seen 9 in 8 years. it's amazing how quiet they can be for their size.