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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by onlyone, Apr 6, 2006.

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    I think next year, I'm gonna try to go elk hunting in Colorado in September. If I do, it will be self-guided. Has anyone ever been elk hunting in Colo. If so where is a good spot/county. Also how much should I expect to spend?
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    never been on a elk hunt but they say the work begins when you pull the trigger. i would hate to pack one of them creatures out by myself. good luck

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    I havent had any experience in Colorado, but I have gone in Montana and Idaho. So what I am saying is that I cant help you in your specific question... however:

    Culling a trophy elk on average no matter where you go is gonna be hard. You dont want to go where everyone else goes; you want to go where the big bulls are- rougher terrain, longer hikes, and harsher enviornment. When we went in Idaho, we had a 14 hour horseback ride along camus creek just to get to base camp. From there we still had a 2-3 hour horseback ride to get to the area we began hiking. There we did well- everyone got at least a 4X4 elk, and my dad got a 6X7.
    Remember- you are staring down the barrel of a helluva lot of bad odds. Did you know that only 4% of hunters who go out have a shooting chance at a trophy class bull? On average the money spent on tracking and downing these bulls is about 20-25 grand. Yep- you read it right! So dont be discouraged if no matter where you go you dont come out as successful as you like. If you're a gambling man, you see- the deck is stacked against you.

    I suggest you locate a VERY backwoods and desolate area- something that you will hate yourself for getting into once you are there. Check the terrain- Elk wont really go above 12,000 feet very often, and they spend a lot of their nights in wallows of gulches, small tracts of trees in valleys, and wherever salt can be found. If you do your research, you are bound to find a salty area. That is what we went for and the lil gulch where the salt was, was ripped to shreds and full of elk, mulies, cougar, and bear.

    If it is late enough in the fall, the elk will congregate in valleys just to find water to drink. Again- consider your far-off location, the location of natural surface salt, and target the watering holes if the weather is working toward that end.

    I wish you luck, sir.

    Oh yeah... an if you think packing an elk out is bad, I dare you to knock down a moose in Ontario's swampy wilderness. 8 hours to pack out one animal just a quarter mile by foot- for 6 guys working together!!! LOL- Now that is a challenge. Once all that is done and your moose is hanging, then try to fend off wolves and pine martins. Believe me when I tell you, if a pine martin were 30 lbs, they'd kill us all. ROTFL.

    Sal :cool: