Elizabeth City / Edenton area?

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    I just relocated up to Eliz. City and was wondering what the word was if any on the catfishing up here? Ive had some time to get out a little but its mostly been about the white perch.. just figured i'd throw a line out and see if anyone else was fishing the area with any success on some big fish?

    Im planning to head up to the james in the cooler months as well, i can make richmond in 2 hrs so it will be worth some time to try for those big blues up there.
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    Rob, I was raised down East, but I now live and fish in the Piedmont section of NC. I do know that we used to catch flatheads in the Chowan River at Edenton back in the 40's and 50's. And on a recent visit to Edenton I noticed some folks fishing for catfish at the local park along the Chowan River, what they were catching I do not know, but they were fishing in the daytime, so I assume it was blues or channel cats.

  3. mack in n.c.

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    roanoke river isnt too far from you......it has plenty of channels and blues.........good deep water in some bends.......try the 258 bridge and go either up or down...mack
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    Good luck, I am sure these boys will take good care of you