Elevated shooting Blind

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Chalk, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. Chalk

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    Union, South Carolina
    I was thinking of building an elavated shooting Blind to deer hunt out of next season. Do any of you have any plans , tips , or pics to share of any you have built? I'm really looking for ideas and pointers before taking on this project.:wink:
  2. Hoopie

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    The only thing I can say is build it with good materials from the start so it will be safe and last a long time. Also put a roof on it.

  3. fishnfwl

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    South Cent
    Have no pics, but we "prefab" ours here at home then loaded on trailer and sure makes it easier to assemble in the field, size is totally up to your comfort level, most of ours were based on the 4x8 plywood and some of them we road around the towns collecting used windows, carpet, etc.. that folks were tossing out..... if your going to build some might as well make them comfortable :wink:

    Another thing is, check with your utility company for your set poles, most times you can get the old telephone poles for free (around here anyway) and they are more than good for another 30 years.....
  4. Katmandeux

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    Checotah, Oklahoma
    Mine is 4'x4'x6.5', half inch exterior plywood, with a corrugated steel overlay on the roof. I used a boat seat/pedestal from WM...with a little tweaking, it's quiet and comfy. I built it in my garage, and then loaded it onto a trailer to take it to the woods.

    I built a three-legged platform that is 6' off the ground for it to sit on...used 6" round fence posts and treated lumber and cross-bucked it every way I could. It's hell for stout.

    The stand was placed on the platform with a front-end loader, and then secured with hurricane clips. A few carpet scraps completed the project.

    Even if you buy everything brand new at regular prices, this still comes in for about half what commercial products sell for. Mine is quiet, comfy, safe, and will outlast me.

    One other thing...I didn't put windows in mine, opting instead for openings and die-cut camo "curtains."
  5. ShilohRed

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    West Tn
    6 years ago I made one using 1" sq tubing. Then used 2" sq tubing for the legs. Man its still in great shape. If I can find the Sq tubing where I can stand the price. I think there will be 3 more of them built his summer.
    But lots of people make them out of 2x4 stock and do well. Do a search on google for shooting blinds theres lots of plans for free on the net.
    Good luck
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    I would check that pole over good before i used it for an elevated stand......i work for a utility company, and MOST of the poles we take out were taken out for a reason. The old creasote poles usually rot at the very top and at the ground line (where the pole enters the ground). Depending on what type of pole they are, they may not be any good for building anyway. Some of the "salt treated" poles we have had you couldn't even drive a nail into because they became petrified and hard as concrete. I'm not saying you couldn't use poles, i'm just saying check them out good first, before you go thru a lot of effort for nothing (cause them things are heavy). You can tell a lot from a pole by hitting it with a hammer.
  7. broz

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    The attachment is from the Wild Turkey Federation. I watched them build this on the outdoor channel last week. Hope this helps.