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  1. peewee williams

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    Some of you must use fishfinders.How about sharing with us.How,when,and what to look for.Can you find a cat close to structure or on the bottom?If so,what size do they have to be.Which are best for catfishing?What works for you?

    MUDHOLE KID New Member

    I use a humming bird Legend 3000 and an old eagle paper graph that I know won't lie to me.I like the 3000,it will show you a flathead in a mintue.I think it take TOTW to master a graph and learning fish from structure.

  3. Redtick

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    Neoga, Illinois
    I use a Hummingbird Matrix 37. I like it very well, I wouldn't go fishing without it. I have a quad beam transducer which will cover 40' of bottom in 20' of water. I can often tell whether the fish are there or not by making a couple of passes through an area.
    I use my depth finder to look for specific structure like ledges, the old river bed (in the lake I fish), outside bends in the river old river bed, old bridge abutments, point dropoffs, and placed structure (brush piles). There often can be cats in these places. You can often find cats in the same structure bass fishermen find bass. I usually fish for crappie at the same time I am fishing for cats. I have found that if you find the crappie, you have also found some cats. The fishfinder is great for finding schools of crappie.
    I am hoping to get a side scanning transducer for my unit next sping so I can scan banks and rip rap for cats. I also plan on getting a GPS attachment for my unit so I can mark waypoints and find them again. My unit already has a barometric sensor attachment which can help me decide where to fish for them and if they may be biting.
    As I said before, after using my fishfinder for a season, I wouldn't go fishing without it. :cool:
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    Sulligent, Alabama
    Check out Garmin and Lowrance before you decide what you want.
  5. JAYNC

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    Newport N.C.
    I have a Lowrance X-52, very good for the money. I can be moving at 45mph and it will still read the bottom pretty acurately.
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    I have a Lowrance LMS-332c, but I'm new to it. I also just ordered "fishing hot spots". I can't wait to load it up.

    Anyone with experience on this unit? I can use all the advice I can get.