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    I recently bought what lookes like a large Min Kota trolling motor but is listed as an electric outboard 24volt with 4hp. Has anyone used one of these and would you recommend them. How long will the motor run on a full battery charge. I haven't had the chance to try it out yet and was curious on what to expect and how well it will push my 14ft fiberglass tri-hull.
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    Westmoreland, K

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    warrenton misso
    where do you plan on using this set up?
    small private lake, I hope
    these electric outboards were made for people who live on privete comunity lakes arround 5-20 ackers in size with a very strict "no gas engines" rule in the home owners association rule book. little kids just LOVE to drive em arround while us adults are tending the BBQ and keg,
    they attatch to the back of a boat and usually have some kind of remote -foward controle with them, they are in NO WAY intended for ANY kind of use on a river or any wateway with a current, only made for very light weight boats for short distances
    I think it will push your heavy boat at about the speed of a 14 year old girl paddeling with an ore
    I may be very strait forward and blunt but Iv seen them in action before

    2 batteries will do fine , but use 4 batteries for extended run time, Get a 2 bank onboard battery charger set up for 24 volts and keep it pluged in anytime your away from the dock