Elderly Hearing Test!!

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    :roll_eyes: JUST A LITTLE HUMER FOLKS:
    A man feared his wife was not hearing as well as she used to,and he thought she might need a hearing aid.Not quite sure how to approach her,he called the family doctor to discuess the problem.

    The doctor told him ther was a simple informal test the husband could perform to give the doctor a better idea about her hearng loss.
    "Heres what you do," said the doctor."Stand about 40 ft. away from her and in a normal conversation speaking tone see i f she hears you. If not ,go to 30 feet,then 20 ft,and so on until you get a response.
    That evening,the wife is in the kitchen cooking dinner,and he was in the den.H e say's to himself,I'm about 40 feet away,let's see what happens.
    In a normal tone he asks," honey,whats for dinner?"
    No response,So the husband moves closer to the kitchen,about 30 ft.and repeats "Honey whats for dinner?" Still no response.
    Next he moves to dinning room where he is about 20 ft. away and asks "Honey whats for dinner?" Again ,no response.
    So,he walks up to the kitchen door,about 10 ft. away
    "Honey ,whats for dinner?" still no response.
    So he walks right up behind her,"Honey whats for dinner?"
    (I just love this part)
    "Earl,for the 5th time , CHICKEN"
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    Pat Chaney
    Thanks for the laugh, John - that was a good one. Reminded me of this one:

    One afternoon, after returning from a visit to the audiologist, and elderly man met up with a few of his friends at the park and announced: "Guys, I'm so excited! I just got my new hearing aid and now I can hear like I was 6 years old again!"

    What kind is it, asked one of his buddies?

    To wit the happy man looked at his watch and responded: "Two o'clock". :tounge_out: :roll_eyes: :lol:

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    Reminds me of my grandma and grandpa. Way back when i was a kid.
    they weren't joking. I rememeber grandma holking the phone to her chest to hear then later after a new hearing aidreciever on top of her head. She looked in the mirror one day and said "now i know why you kids smile at me"
    fond memmories of them
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    thats a good one i love it
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    Thats a good one. Hopefully my ears never get that bad LOL.