eggs with pokeweed

Discussion in 'The BOC Diner' started by big-muddy, Feb 29, 2008.

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    norfolk, va
    you know those purple plants with purple berries that grow like weeds in your back yard? well, my dad taught me a long time ago, that if you cut them down *before they turn purple* you can mince them up and fry them with your eggs. they are de-lic-ious!!!! *remember* ,do not eat them if they have turned purple as they will then make you sick!!
  2. Mike81

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    Interesting, never would have thought of that. I do remember when I was a kid my grandfather used to make lemonade from red was good.

  3. Catgirl

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    Polk salad, haven't had any since I was a kid, but ate it quite a few times back then. We never fixed it with eggs, just treated it as any other greens....cooked it with some water/salt (and probably bacon grease, knowing Gran), then shook on some vinegar when it was time to eat. Grandaddy always picked the smaller budding green leaves at the top; they are okay even if the lower ones are purple.