Egg Sinkers With Small Holes And Braided Line

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  1. Itch2Scratch

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    Ivy Bend on LOZ, Missouri
    This summer I got some 2 Oz egg sinkers with a small hole and tried to use them with braided line. The effect was immediate, it seemed to make the Blues more tentative and drop the bait. For a while there my catch ratio dropped off to nothing until I stopped using the sinkers and then picked up again. Not sure but I think they were feeling the "bumps" on the braided line as it ran through the egg sinker. I think from now on I am gonna use a swivel on the main line with a flat bank weight on a break off line. Anyone else ever experience this?
  2. jim

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    Jacksonville NC
    Never had that problem but I did have a problem with the weight fraying the braided line.I now use long trolling type sinkers that have a eye on each end.Main line ties to one end and the leader to the other.No more fraying problem.I use braid exclusively and drift fish as well as set up and I can honestly say I have never detected a fish pick up the bait and drop it because he felt the weight.I use large baits and I believe the fish are used to some sort of resistance from the bait,such as a struggle,so I dont think they are that sensitive.They might be but I can't detect it.

  3. Ol Whiskers

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    If the holes are somewhat sharp at the end, they will catch on the line, and fray it. Before I got the NoRoll molds with 3/32 core pins, I used to use the egg sinkers with a small hole. The way to fix 'em is to take a pin punch that's just a bit smaller than the hole, and drive the tapered part of the shank up into the sinker a little bit on each end. Then you end up with a hole that has a bellmouth, very smooth, and won't catch the line. If you set the punch upside down in a vise, you can drive the egg with a piece of tubing, or a block of wood drilled out, and a mallet.
  4. tncatfishing

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    How do you have the egg sinkers hooked up. From what I know the egg sinker design is for the line to pull through the weight as in you can let more line out to raise and lower your bait and when a strike occurs the line should pull somewhat through the egg sinker not having much effect on the cat knowing their is much resistance at first.
  5. Deltalover

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    I use the plastic sinker sleeves. Makes it easy to change weights and does not wear out the braid!
  6. Cattracker16

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    i'd like to see the sleeves, i use egg sinkers and fireline and always have a problem with the line being frayed.. i make my own egg sinkers
  7. kscathunter

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    I wouldn't think the line rubbing on the sinker would make the fish drop it. Alot of people use clickers and I'd imagine they'd notice that before line slightly rubbing the sinker. Power pro seems to me to be more abrasion resistant (havent noticed weights wearing off more than the color). I used spider wire a while back and it seemed like it was always frayed.
  8. TeamWhiskers

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    If you think the fish are dropping the bait, go to using a swivel and leader with about 16 inches of line on it or change to a 3 way rig. There is another solution. Once you think your weight is set on the bottom. Slowly let out another 2 to 4 foot of line to let the bait float back more once in the rod holder.

    Another problem some have is when the fish starts to bite while the pole is in a rod holder, many will pick up the pole and take up the slack. This moves the bait. Instead, you want to push the pole into the bait as you lower the tip of your rod for a better hook set. You will catch more fish this way.