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    Went messing around at covington bottoms under the bridge fishing for a few cats . You might as well said I was fishing for eels . Man I caught 3 of them and my boy caught 1 all where about 18 inches long . Whats the deal do them suckers school together ? They sure are some mean nasty buggers . One damn near bit me getting his dumb ass off the hook . Almost tried one for bait but was getting late and had no light with us . Now the storm is rolling in . Anyone catching any good ones ?
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    Those eels are good eating and make great cutbait. We wrap ours in a towel to make it easier to handle them. Fillet the sides off for bait or to eat. We saved all we could get when we were netting. On occasion we'd take one on a trotline etc. Channel are just coming off the spawn here so things ought to pick up. Flats are moving into nest.

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    Eels are kind of nasty slick little guys, and we used to just cut the drop off the trot line to get rid of them. the campers next to us said if we caught anymore they would take all we could give them because they said they were really good to eat so we had to try them and never threw another one away.
    You can`t hold on to them while they are alive without wrapping a towel around them but after you kill them they are easier to hold on to and they are easier to clean than a catfish, just cut around the head with skinning pliers pull the skin off and it usually comes off in one piece then cut head off and cut to the vent to remove what few guts are there. We just cut them into about 2 to 3 inch pieces and fried them in corn meal like catfish and they were every bit as good or better than catfish without the bones, they just have gristle for a back bone.
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    There are plenty here in the tidal Delaware River and Schuylkill River in PA. I like using a split shot, small hook, and a small piece of liver or shrimp or bluegill!

    The channel catfish out here on the eastcoast love em! Actually the biggest channel cat I have ever seen in PA was caught on a whole dead eel about 18 inches long. Cut em into chunks or use whole dead. If you use them live, the first thing they will do is dg themselves under a rock or into a crevice which usually ends up in a snagged rig.

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    They don't bite. LOL! Just check out my avatar. LOL!