Edwardsville Boat Ramp

Discussion in 'KANSAS RIVERS TALK' started by Charlie365, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. Charlie365

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    I've read they put a new boat ramp in the Kaw at Edwardsville earlier this year. Anybody fished from there ?

    How much boat would I need ?
    I have a light aluminum boat with a trolling motor.

    Would this be enough to get me around ?

    Has anyone mapped the river in this area (Edwardsville towards Desoto) ?
  2. GaryF

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    O.P., KS

    I haven't put in at Edwardsville yet, but I can offer a little advice. The current in there is pretty light, basically you are in the top end of the backup from the 435 dam, so getting around the immediate area should be no problem. Just to make sure, though, I would launch and immediately head upstream to get a feel for what it takes to fight the current.

    How comfortable are you at guaging your battery life / charge? You could get into trouble pretty quick if you lost power, as your launch spot is only a mile or so above the dam. I wouldn't do it when the water is up, and I would be sure I had a good anchor in the boat.

    Honestly I think you will do just fine with the trolling motor, I just want to council some caution.

    As far as maps, you can look at maps.google.com, this link might get you started: http://www.google.com/maphp?hl=en&q...019,-94.802184&spn=0.016331,0.043259&t=h&om=1

    I think you will have trouble finding any kind of navigation maps, and if they exist, I'm not sure how helpful they would be. I say just get out there and explore!

  3. center12

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    I've run from that ramp to above the Bonnor bridge, stay to the right, left side runs out of water a little ways above the ramp:wink: . That said, I wouldn't be afraid to use a trolling motor in that calmer water on the left side. There is some decent looking water till you hit the head of the sandbar.