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    Yes, I use an Air Rifle. I use it for some of my PCW/Predator Control Work both personal and professionally. When in season, Squirrels and Rabbits are at the top of the list for hunting although I have done the Groundhog, Crow, Dove, ect with the one I use.
    Right now, I am using an RWS Model 48 in .177 cal. I am planning on purchasing one of the RWS Model 54's in .22 cal or .25 cal.
    Over the years I've tried or used the old Sheridan .20 cal/8-pump ARGUH! 8-pumps each shot!!
    Others include, {and remember this is off the top of my head!}, some of the Beeman's, Gamo's, Crossman, Walther, Webley & Scott, a Remington, and a couple of those new "Air Tank" "Air Force" rifles along with a couple of other brands in some of the handguns, I did testing on for people. Beeman's are O.K., depending on which model, what you using it for, and how much $$ you want to pay!
    And, even more so that Rim fire and Center fire Firearms, Air Rifles are more times than not, VERY choosy about what brand, style, ECT of pellet you run through them! Feed it what it likes! You can usually find a couple different styles and weights that will meet your needs.
    As your also probably aware, you should not do any real accuracy work until you have run at least 2500 rounds through your gun and, {in my opinion which many of the professionals in the business agree with because it was their idea to start with}, preferably 5000 rounds!
    The one RWS I had would barely hold inside of 7/8" to 1.0" at 20 yards right out of the box!! That was with ANY pellet too! I kept track of the break in accuracy and here is what I found:
    at 700 rounds the groups were down to 5/8ths" to 3/4's"
    1500 rnds,= 1/2 inch.
    3000 rnds = 3/8ths" to 1/2" leaning down towards the 3/8ths"
    4000 rnds = 1/4 to 3/8ths"
    5000 rnds and current, if I do my part!: 1/4" and less for 5-shot groups! :)
    As you know, to most people that do not shoot air rifles they look at that 5000 round thing and say WHOA!!:eek:oooh: your crazy:crazy: man!!!
    Two things they don't understand. Air Guns are a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT "Animal" that have their own rules, cleaning operations and proper lubricants and all to care specifically for Air Guns!
    In addition, Air Guns also have their own ballistics too! There are some really good, albeit large and thick books on the subject of Air Gun ballistics and the tables, charts, mathematics, along with a couple of ballistic computer programs that I am aware of, and all this stuff apply strictly and specifically to them! ONLY!!
    The one other thing that folks whom don't shoot Air Guns do not realize is that 5000 rounds of Air Gun ammo topically less than $100-$150.00 ! :smile2:
    Air Gun Pellets today go through the same R&D that any other Center Fire, Rim Fire, Shotgun, ect, goes through and has specific accuracy machineing techniques that apply just as importantly to them as any of the other above mentioned bullets! The age of CNC and computer technology is just as alive in Air Guns as it is in any other shooting discipline! Thankfully! :smile2:

    I have found that for most of my needs, the RWS line of Air Rifles works just fine for me. You can get a good one for less that $500.00 and I just LOVE that single cocking lever action that only require 1 stroke to fully charge the firing system. These Rifles have a good "Feel" to them and weigh just enough to keep my hands steady as I am just not a good enough shot to accurately shoot some of those real lightweights that one can buy. I just wobble too much with them.
    I have the micrometer adjust open sights set as a backup in case I ever have a scope failure. As far as scopes go, if you want to spend 7-800 dollars or more you can have a very high quality Leupold, or some of the European high end models cost that And MORE! Our USD is really taking a beating on the European market and their Eurodollar!:sad2:
    If your looking for something that works well and is a bit less pricey I have found that Air Gun Scopes by BSA to be of good quality and as of this writing, are holding up very well and exhibit really good accuracy and images too. As I recall, BSA has about three models. One is a small fixed power, one is a 2x7 with AO which is what I use most of the time. The final one is their "high end" high powered variable again with AO. This is their "Formal/Target" scope. These scopes are made specifically for Air Guns and have the necessary internal support to deal with the "double impulse" recoil that most of today's Air Guns exhibit.
    As you know, you never use a regular Rim/Center Fire scope on an Air Rifle because over time, depending on how well it's made in the first place, the "double impulse" will just simply shake a scope apart and the factories will NOT honor the warranty because they know exactly what to look for, and where to check and see if any of their scopes NOT made specifically for Air Gun use, has been destroyed by an Air Gun!
    To get back to your question, the largest animals I have hunted have been in the Feral Cat/Raccoon/Opossum sized critters. I do know of a couple folks that use them on up to and including Whitetail Deer and Wild Hog sized critters but I have not gotten up to that level of power yet, although I did get to shoot one of those higher caliber and power Air Guns.
    There is no doubt in my mind that if you stay within the limitations of the Air Gun, such as NOT trying any 300 yard shots as an example, it is easily capable of taking down a White Tailed Deer and more! :smile2:
    I know, for a fact, that such Air Guns ARE available in the CONUS and that they are also made in other countries and are very popular in these countries where the "Right to Keep and Bear Arms" is not enjoyed by the population as is in Our U.S.A.!
    Air Guns are a fun and efficient way to keep your shooting eye and trigger finger sharp for the Fire Arms seasons that come up throughout the year without having to spend a lot of money on ammo and, if fact, I practice across my living and dining room during those cold winter days and nights that I don't want to be going out to the range just to have to shoot in a large bulky coat with gloves on when I can sit in the comfort of my own home and keep my sight picture, eye hand coordination, and such in tiptop shape! With it's low noise signature, it's ideal for this purpose!
    However, Air Guns are NOT TOYS!!! They should NEVER be taken lightly or played with by children OR the adults that have no real knowledge of them!
    Although fun to shoot, they ARE a Deadly Tool capable of injuring, maiming, and killing, a fellow human being just as quickly, just as efficiently as any Fire Arm that burns Black Powder or Smokeless powder!! And, like it's powder burning brothers and sisters, once that trigger releases that sear, there is No Power On Earth that can pull that bullet back!!
    I thought I would throw out a few "tidbits" of information about Air Guns for our Brothers and Sisters that may have never even held one!
    I hope this helps you out a bit and answers your questions. If not, send me a PM and I will do my best to answer your other questions or explain any of my answers in a more detailed manner as will most any of the other BOC members!
    You see, I'm not alone in this offer either. You will find that most of our Brother and Sister Members are this way about helping someone. It's one of the important things that separated the BOC, and it's members, from any of the other sites Ive visited yet on the Internet!
    Just remember, ALL you have to do is just ASK! :big_smile:
    Fraternally, Sincerely, and Cordially,
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