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    I'm thinking of heading to the Edisto beach area for a mix of Salt/fresh water fishing. My Uncle lives on the Edisto in the fresh/brackish part of the river and has his own private landing that I could use. It's been years since I fished the river but remember outings with my Grandfather shooting snakes and catching limits of Redbreast (it was his river house). A couple of years ago I heard that the flatheads were ruining the Redbreast/panfish fishing and were becoming sort of a nuisance. I never tried catfishing the Edisto and have'nt seen any threads in the SCrivers forum about the river and was wonder if anyone had tried the cats there.

    Trailering a boat I can be in salt or fresh water within 20-30 mins from Hwy 17. Also, the Ashepoo and Combahee rivers are not far if anyone has any reports from there.
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    Sounds like fun...good luck and let us know how you do. Watch out for those underwater surprises on the Edisto...

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    I have not tried them on the Edisto. I was at Edisto a couple of years ago and a friend stopped by the house to show me a 64 pound flathead he caught on limb line in the Edisto. I have another bud that has been catching some 10-15 pound fish above orangeburg this year, so they are there. I don't know squat about river fishing, but I'm fixin to walk out the door to try a little lake fishin (sometimes it's obvious I don't know much about lake fishin either). I suggest you fish at night with a live bream around some cover. Let us know how you do
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    The Edisto was my all time favorite river to fish until my truck was broken into. Your friend are correct, the flatties have really hurt the pan fishing in the river, and believe me there is a lot of Flatheads in the Edisto. It sound like you will be fishing in the tidal section of the river, I always did my best right after dark with live bream either fishing cover or grass in about 1 to 2 feet of water, within two hours either direction of the low tide. The Edisto also holds some really good Blues too, fishing day or night in the deeper holes. Let us know.
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    Do you know exactly where? I live close to there and have been fishing below Orangeburg.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I fish and work on the lower Edisto quite a bit. Mind if I ask where your uncle's place is?

    Keep in mind that there hasn't been much fresh water coming down the river this year, so the salt has moved up some. The sunfish in Penny Creek are OK, otherwise I'd go above highway 17 to find some redbreast or bluegills. There's decent blue cats, with the biggest seeming to be from 17 down to the ICW at times, but this year you might need to stick above Wiltown. Probably have a shot at spottails (red drum) anywhere from Wiltown down.

    One more thing: I know the old timers had quite the prejudice and tended to kill every one they saw, but please leave the poor snakes alone. I know there are some cottonmouths in the area, and I saw a nice copperhead at a landing one night, but every snake I have seen curled up on a snag (and that hundreds) has been a harmless water snake. As long as we watch where we are going, there's very little danger to us.