Edisto River Sunday (warning: long)

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    Edisto River Sunday 8/20/06
    Water temp was 86 degrees F at dusk (down a few from last month).

    I hit the river around 2:00. It was a couple of hours before low tide, and I ran as far up river as I could before I ran out of water. I then started fishing my way back down, throwing my little spinner for bait. The sunfishes seemed to be running a bit small, but by dusk I had 30 baits in the livewell (mostly redbreast with a few larger bluegills and a couple of small spotted sunfish) and had released a few tiny ones. By this time the tide had turned and was a couple of hours into the flood.

    The first 2 spots that I fished for flatheads were new ones. First spot was by a large fallen tree that covers a bit of a channel along one bank. Looks like a great spot, but on the early flood tide there was virtually no current, maybe even a bit of a back eddy. No luck there. After half an hour I went down river a bit and tried just below the railroad bridge. Right around the bridge there are some old piles and some shallow rock, with a drop off to deeper water. Looks to me like a good area for a flathead to hunt for supper. Nothing there either, so I decided to go to some of my proven spots.

    The most unusual thing about Sunday night was the bats. Depending on how you feel about bats, I guess it could be either really cool or really scarey. At dusk I noticed that it seemed like more bats coming out than usual, but I didn’t think much of it. Even when the first one came flying round my rod tip – that’s not that unusual. Thing is, they did it all night. Probably a dozen times I had bats flying around the rod tips or under the lines – no more than six feet from my head sitting down in the bottom of the boat. Know what? They look a whole lot bigger close up than when they are flitting around in the sky. These guys were at least 10 to 12 inches across. At one point I heard the wings in close and looked up to see 4 of them playing tag while circling a few feet above me. Made me think of the stories the kids in my neighborhood used to tell – “they’ll fly into your head and get tangled in your hair!” I’ve always assumed that anything that can catch a mosquito on the wing in near darkness can avoid bumping into my fat old head. So far I’ve been right.

    Anyway, I didn’t get my first flathead until 11:30: a cute little guy of about 6.5 pounds. I noticed the same thing in July. Is it normal for them to wait later to start biting during the heat of midsummer? Not more than 15 minutes later I got my new “booty” (best one of the year) at 35 pounds – 44 inches long and 27 inches in girth. Seemed kind of light for the length to me. I guess maybe they area a bit slim after the spawn. I had to move around a bit to find more fish, but managed one more for the night at 16 pounds.

    Along the way I caught 3 or 4 blue cats from maybe 3 to 8 pounds. I also got to listen to the barred owls hoot a bit and the sturgeon jumping. Last few years I haven’t seen or heard the jumpers much, but this year they are going crazy. I bet I saw or heard two dozen on Sunday. I say they are sturgeon. Of the ones I have seen clearly enough to ID, most are sturgeon, some are common carp or grass carp. Whatever species, it’s pretty impressive to see a 4 foot long fish launch itself a couple feet clear of the water and come crashing back down. The sky was clear all night (although there was a good deal of flashing to the northwest early on – somebody go one heck of a storm) and I got in some good stargazing and even saw more than a dozen shooting stars. Most were quickies, but a few were pretty impressive. Home again around 5:00 AM. All in all, a good afternoon and night.
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    That was a good post. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the new PB. I think the bats a gorging on the excess bugs with all of the warm weather we have been having.

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    Good deal JAinSC. :smile2:
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    Congrads on your bootys of the year.LOL that a new one for me.

    Good post I enjoyed reading it.
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    Had a similar experience a month or so back.


    My second post tells about it. I was shaking my rod because the hook was barley tangled at the end. When I did, a bat came down and hovered about 4 feet above me. I kinda played with him for a bit with my pole, he couldnt seem to make out what it was.