Edisto River Saturday 12/6

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    I figured I would give the flatheads another try, and see if I could get a December fish or two, now that I know they will eat cut mullet in the cooler water. I cast net some mullet in Charleston Harbor Friday afternoon and put them on ice, and headed to the River Saturday afternoon. The mullet is a trip saver when the sunfish are hard to come by in the cool water, but it just doesn't seem right to start flathead fishing without fishing for sunnies first!

    I set up at the first spot around 3PM. Water temp was 49. Anyway, long story short, I fished until about 10:30 and ended up getting 3 blue catfish around 5 to 8 pounds and one cute little flathead, just shy of 7 pounds. Most of the action came around dusk. I had a couple of very timid tentative bites in a row that I missed. I knew the flatheads would be biting real light, and I waited and waited until I was sure they had the bait, and still missed them. The third time I saw the rod tip do the tiny little dip and wave I decided to just wait and see. After a bit it quit so I set back and waited. When I decided it was time to move to another spot and brought in the lines, that rod had the lil flathead on - he had swam slightly up the line, putting in some slack, and swallowed the bait. I clipped the line close and left the hook in his gut. (Good luck little bro!)

    I guess that during that brief period around dusk, a few were feeding, but far from aggressive.

    It was overcast, so no stargazing. I had to settle for seeing the moon peek through gaps in the clouds a few times. A few barn owls and few barred owls called, but mostly it was a quiet evening. At one point, though, I dozed off and was wakened by a bobcat (I guess?) hollering in the woods just behind me.

    I guess that will be it until spring, unless we get hit by a freak warm spell and I just have to give it one more try!
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    You southerners are pretty luck tohave both warmer air and water temps for catfishing. Us yanks up here are waiting for April to roll around so we can even attempt to get a bite.

    I do have one trick up my sleeve for this winter, there's a warm water discharge on the Susquehann River I wanna give a shot for a winter flat. My friends were up there yeasterdfay for some walleye fishing and caught a small flat on a twistertail. I figure if there are willing to chase down a twistertail, there would be no reason they wouldn't hoover down a small sunny or even a shiner.

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    John, I always enjoy reading your reports because you include many of the finer details that make the overall experience of catfishin' what it is...more than just catching, but also enjoying nature. Thanks for the report
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    Glad you had a good trip. Nature is awesome...

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    I knew you were going to get one more trip in:wink: