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    Good morning guys. I moved out to Cordova a few months ago and have not fished the big part of the Edisto yet. We have a house on Marion so we go there alot and we fish the Congaree at 601. Problem is I'm 8 miles from Bamberg and I know that part of the Edisto has to be full of Flatheads. We are respectful fishers and ALWAYS eat what we keep or toss it back. I hate to have this fishery nearby and not use it. We are thinking of going tomorrow and putting in at Zig zag or any other landing. Anybody gives us a hint on bait, spots or techniques. Are there blues in that part of the Edisto? Thanking anyone in advance. We don't steal people,s holes just some good directions to get started.
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    I have personally never fished up quite that high on the Edisto, but I think I can help a little based on the fishing I've done from around I95 down (more or less - we have a little piece of land about 9 miles below highway 21).

    I doubt you will see andy blues up that high, or if you do they will be small. There should be a lot of small channel cats up there (lots of little fiddlers). Fishing at night (or morning or evening) with shrimp or cut fish for bait might help to get you into some slightly better channels of a pound or two with some better fish thrown in now and then.

    There are deffinately flatheads up there. I haven't had much luck with them up there yet, but I would try the usual stuff - live fish for baits after dark or in the deep holes during the day.

    With the near constant drought of the last couple of years, getting around on the river is going to be tough. The way things have been going, I wouldn't expect to get much more than a small jonboat up and down the river, and even then you will probably have to walk it through some shallow spots.

    Anyway, it's a real pretty river with great fishing for redbreast and other panfish.