Edisto River 5/9/09

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    Since I like to post now and then to brag a bit when I have a good trip, I figured it was only fair to report on a less successful outing. It seems like whenever I decide to explore and try to learn new areas, I end up liking my old haunts that much more.

    I decided to try fishing a bit upriver from my usual stomping grounds - someplace where the river runs in the same direction all the time. I did OK with sunfish on my little beetle spins, but not great. The river was running a bit faster than I am used to. I did notice a pattern where a lot of my redbreast came from the point where an outside bend just started to turn into an inside bend.

    At dark I set up for cats and put out live sunfish. Long story short, I got 2 blue catfish, but could not buy a flathead. I tried deep, shallow, along the willows, along some lilly pads, on snags, mid-river, ... I tried about every type of spot I could think of, but no flatties. It seems like I would have bumped into one just by dumb luck. OH well, I guess I'll blame it on the full moon.

    I fished until a bit after midnight, and then called it a night and packed up.
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    Don't feel like the Lone Ranger John. We got our butts handed to us that weekend also. I think it was a combo of the moon and the water rising on a tear. We saw it rise 3' in two days in the Bee City area. This past weekend we only fished for redbreast, but saw some fellas with nice catches of cats. Two old timers running limb lines had three flatties over 30 lbs and lots of 5-15 pounders.