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    "It's unacceptable" Norv Turner said. I had to laugh. No Norv, what is unacceptable is watching you run every team that you coach into the ground. San Diego seems to be holding up better than most teams that draw the short straw of having Norv Turner named as their headcoach, but, they too, will eventually crack.

    No doubt that Ed Hochuli blew that call. It can also be reasonably argued, that that call may have cost San Diego the game. After they get done downgrading him he can kiss any possibility of officiating during the playoffs *bye-bye* and Spongebob Squarepants has a better chance of officiating the Superbowl.

    Ed Hochuli, you suck

    Norv Turner, you suck worse
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    The ref admited he made a mistake. I know it was a big one but according to the rules he could not fix his call, the fact that they blew the play dead after thinking it was a forward pass did not allowed him to reverse the call, this is per the rule book. Should he had disregard the rule and correct his call then it would be Shanahan calling him out and saying that this was unacceptable. Two wrongs do make it right. He is in hot water for one bad call, had he reverse the call it would have been two bad calls.

    I have made mistakes at work also, and some have cost the companies I work some money, it is part of life and being human. I don't know anyone who can say they have never made a mistake, if anyone can say that, try walking on water next.

    The Chargers did not have to use that as an excuse, they played the entire game and they could have stopped the Broncos at any point in time, it is a shame that it came down to this play and put it in someone elses hands. They should take responsibility for not stopping them before they got to that point, it is easier to say that it was the refs fault.

    How long are they going to cry about that call?, just move on, there is another game this week and they need to focus on playing, maybe this time their D can stop somebody.