Economy in a nutshell

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    The economy is like a rough, lumpy ball of rock rolling down a long rutted, muddy, high centered logging road which has deep ditches on both sides and rocks all over the road. The ball rolls best in the center where it is relatively smooth compared to the rest of the road. All the bumps keep causing the ball to to veer off to one side or another where it starts going slower. If it falls off either side it crashes. About half the people are on one side with their shoulders up against the ball trying to steer it to the left and the other half thinks its gone too far left and are trying to push it more to the right. All of the people want the ball to roll as fast as possible, but disagree on where the ball is currently at. Neither capitalism or socialism by themselves can keep the ball out of the ditch. It takes some of both.
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    Compromise? You heretic!:wink: