Economy Dilehema starting to hit home

Discussion in 'LOCAL ARKANSAS TALK' started by whisker maniac, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. whisker maniac

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    Well folks the economy problems are finally starting to hit home here. Went to work last nite and found out that they are starting to lay people off. They had just hired some more folks two weeks ago and now they are laying of forty people? Didn't make sense until I found out that they had 40% of their orders for January canceled. Wow! can you imagine, 40% for one month alone.

    Also I was informed that for the rest of us we will be going back to eight hr shifts and 40 hrs a wk which really means if they need orders out we will be working 6 and 7 days a week.

    Don't know how this is going to affect me yet as far as gatherings and such but it doesn't look real promising for me to be able to make as many trips as I would like to. I will still make a couple and the main one that I will make for sure will still be De Gray. Hope to see you all there next spring.
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    I hope things turn out OK ! I am blessed my wife is an accountant and we are PRETTY recession proof . I work part-time doing handyman stuff and raise the kids . I try and pray as much as possible about the conditions others are facing and I just sent a prayer up for you . From what I understand (which is little ) things are gonna be a whole lot tougher next summer ! We have lost 40% of our stocks this year and am thinking about what we should do ourselves . Now is a good time to know how to skin a buck and run a trotline and I thank the boc bros. and sisters for there knowladge that make more profecient at what I may need to do .

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    Hope everything works out for you. As long as they keep stealing cars, my job is pretty safe....Things are tighter at my house though and I couldn't imagine paying what we we were for gas. If fuel goes back up to what it was, it's gonna hurt.
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    Sheridan, Ar
    The way things are going it is not only going to be a long 2009 but it seems to me it is going to get really worst before it gets better...
    Sometimes I wonder the how comes and ifs and whys........
    If I stay on all of it too long is gets me po'ed to the max....

    The funny thing is the rich is still getting richer and the poor is in the unemployment line!

    I think everyone can agree is has been tough
    Git a question if u do not mind
    Since gas prices per barrel are way way down and gas prices are there too, Why is it groceries milk bread staple stuff hasn't budged.....
    Think we are getting_______ if ya ask me
    I am gettn off my soapbox......
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    Beebe AR
    I agree with you 100% that things are not going to get better greed is what caused the gas to go up and its greed thats keeping things high its true the little Guys get the shaft Kevin I wish you the best and all the other working folk keep praying for our country for we sure need help now I just sent a prayer for you and your fellow workers
  6. Bill in SC

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    South Caro
    <Since gas prices per barrel are way way down and gas prices are there too, Why is it groceries milk bread staple stuff hasn't budged.....>

    Because diesel fuel is still high, and also, when the crops were planted that produced the groceries we are using now, fuel and seeds/fertilizer were at an all time high. Hopefully, IF the price of fuel remains low, the rest of the pricing issues will level out eventually. We can only hope.
    BB in SC
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    Verde Valley AZ
    We're not on a level playing field.... this country has slipped away while we weren't looking...
    there's no resting in comfort of what used to be, that has been erased..

    There's too many diverse "groups" vieing for position, and in the meatime,,, America has suffered a stroke..... Will not be the same any more..
    The "groups" do not have the American Dream,,, only self interest, and shortsightedness. selfishness,,

    The desire for profit, has eroded the credibility of the business world, the greed of the worker has eroded the ability of business to profit.. there's very little pride.

    the country has no Backbone anymore,,

    this is preaching to the Choir,,I hope...

    Love to see positive change, Responsibility, accountability, and Allegiance
  8. poisonpits

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    sorry to here bout your misfortune kev.if thimgs get to bad ill come fish with you.
  9. catfishscotty

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    so true the american dream is dead and gone and will never be what it was .

    the worst is yet to come !!!!! corporate greed got what they wanted lol

    now the middle class is now in corporate slavery with no pentions or retirement and bennifits all but lost .

    property losing ground everyday . o well the rich will buy it up along with china and other forieng countries for pennies on the dollar ...

    pretty bad when the mexicans are leaving to go back south of the border for work lmao :eek:oooh::crazy: .

    glad i live in missouri lots of game and fish to put in the freezer and table !!!!!!!!!!! even cattle prices are falling as the crops are .

    when will it stop ?????????????