Echo Reservoir ice fishnig - ice-a-cat?

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  1. dookiechrist

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    well, it doesn't seem that there are many utahns 'round here...but, i will say this, i set out today for echo res. with my boy chase( 9 ).we left late but thats o.k., it was his first time out on the ice and he did great!!! he caught 4 trout in about 15- 20 min. right off the bat. should have seen him. unfortunately my auger isnt what it once was and niether am i. it took me to long to drill my first hole (, which chase fished out of. actually funner watching him catch fish anyway.)i finally walked over to somebody elses old hole in deeper water and fished that for a few minutes.caught 1 trout . then the winter storm we were expecting really hit time to go!!!! no cat caught but i know their there. i am determined and will try again.
  2. dan beauchemin

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    you can give it the old college try