EBAY scams

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Phil Washburn, May 22, 2007.

  1. Phil Washburn

    Phil Washburn New Member

    Shawnee OK
    now this HAS to be a scam..the guy has no feedback as a seller, and suddenly he has these HIGH dollar boats and trailers for sale.....tell me what you guys think


    TIM HAGAN New Member

    I have seens this before on there and ebay pulled to sale just before it was over. I with you that 2004 with a 300hp yamaha for 2900 just that motor would bring 7 to 8,000 by its self.

    This is why I stopped on ebay and paypal at one time i have 6 items for sale that wasn't even my items scamer can kill your account very fast

  3. kkattfish

    kkattfish New Member

    Definitely odd and most likely a scammer. Ebay and Paypal are both very secure when you use them properly. Biggest tip is always go directly to the website yourself by typing it in and never click on an email link to go the website. That is how your identity for those websites gets stolen.
  4. Phil Washburn

    Phil Washburn New Member

    Shawnee OK
    yep....those are 6 to 10k motors on those boats......and if you notice, the bidders so far on those items are "bidder 1, bidder 2, and bidder 3"...no way is this legit
  5. oldprowler

    oldprowler New Member

    Mannford, Oklahoma
    Don't know if these boat ads represent scams or not BUT warning flags for me are:

    1. Seller claims Nebraska as home and boats are all registered in different states (WVA, FL, AR0.
    2. All boats are for sale at the same buy it now price ($2900).

    I would be asking some serious questions before bidding.
  6. catfishman38663

    catfishman38663 New Member

    i have bought things from ebay for years and if he dosn't have feed back leave it along i think you can email ebay by clicking contact or click chat and talk live to a ebay worker and see if this person is real or not before you bid thats what i do if i suspect them os a scam
  7. bubbasmouse

    bubbasmouse New Member

    Chesterfield South Carolina
    These more than likely are scams but the bidder 1 , bidder 2 thing is how ebay does it on ebay motors now. The bidders id is not revealed to the public.
  8. jbarnes17

    jbarnes17 New Member

    Commerce, Oklahoma
    Its either a scam or those boats are hot.
  9. Phil Washburn

    Phil Washburn New Member

    Shawnee OK
    hehehe.............i sent him an email and here is the reply:big_smile:

    Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 18:41:02 -0400
    From: "alexandru pirvu" <alexparv@googlemail.com> Subject: Re:http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZblgross
    hello there!
    buy it now for $2900!
    I will pay for shipping!
    I am for the moment in Europe because I want to moved here and I need some money to buy a house,I just find one and for this reason I sell the boat at this lower price
    The boat it is stored at ebay warehouse in Kansas , US , the boat will be shipped
    from there on my expence .
    Terms & Conditions Shipping and handling:
    The shipping address must be provided before sending the payment. The
    boat will be shipped trough DAS Shipping Company . The boat will only
    be sent after you will do the payment and confirm it to the ebay trading assistans.I agreed with eBay to send my boat
    to its warehouse since I am not in US .This way, both sides (seller and buyer) are insured by eBay.
    If the boat is different than the way i've described it, 100% refund - transfer fees and the boat will be shipped back to eBay's warehouse on my expence. Anyway, i don't think it will be necesary, you'll love this boat from very first moment you'll see it.
    Buy with confidence!
    Instructions for the payment :
    The transaction will be made under ebay protection.They will send you an invoice for your purchase.
    To set up our transaction I need the follow info:
    Your ebay user id: ...
    Your ebay email address: ...
    First Name: ...
    Last name: ...
    Address: ...
    City: ...
    State: ...
    Zip: ...
    Country: ...
    name of the item you want to buy and the price we agreed...
    I will contact ebay as soon as i receive the info. In shortly you must receive an invoice from ebay. You must read carefully the invoice and there you will have all instructions
    about payment and shipping.
    Thank You
    Waiting for your email

    now i am sure as soon as he gets back from europe he will straighten it all out:lol:
  10. teaysvalleyguy

    teaysvalleyguy New Member

    GC, OHIO
    Definatly a scam there, sell a few small items to get a little feedback going and then try and make some quick loot.

    Nice catch Phil.
  11. IL Hunter

    IL Hunter New Member

    Normal, IL
    On Ebay if its too good to be true it probably is
  12. Mark J

    Mark J New Member

    Four Oaks, NC
    Not always:big_smile: A 1000 dollar tilt trim unit for 147.50!
    Some folks sell without regards to value.