Eating Lake Calavaras Catfish????

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    Do y'all actually eat the Catfish from Calavaras and Braunig?? The San Antonio Waste Water Plants Sewer Effluent enters the river and is diverted to keep those lakes full. Thats why they are at a constant level even thought it hasn't rained for months......
    The water is used for cooling the electric generators.

    Some of the Hybrid Stripers caught are being found now with large humps and deformed. Lots of contaminents in the water.

    I like catchin but its "catch, take a pic and release" for me.

    I like Choke Canyon cats are for eatin as its a tested drinking water reservoir.

    Thats just my 2 cents. Been fishin Calavars and Braunig since the seventies...... Caught tons of fish and threw em back for the next time.....

  2. willcat

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    been eating them since i dont know when, nothing wrong with them. If u go to tpwd & look up the advisories it will tell u the advisories for eating fish & how much u should eat out of all texas lakes & reservoirs!

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    Thanks for the info. Beats rumors from fisherman ya meet. Heres actual data fromhttp: // .

    Water Bodies Tested by the Texas Department of State Health Services WhereNo Consumption Advisories or Possession Bans Were Issued
    San Antonio River​
    4/1998 Bexar & Wilson Counties. Environmental chemical contaminants in fish tissue from 1993 to 2006.
    Tested For Metals: As, Cd, Cu, Hg, Pb, Se, Zn Pest, PCBs, SVOCs, VOCs
    Eating fish or crabs from these water bodies poses no apparent public health hazard.

    We'll I'll be havin a fish fry next fishin trip. :big_smile:

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    Floresville tx
    I believe that lake is tested alot for water contamanitions.TP&WD would not keep stocking into polluted waters.The humps,and irregularies I have seen in the hybrids,have been from the cranes and other fish eating birds causing damage to the fish when they were young.This is what I was told by the GW's.
    I eat the fish all the time out of cally.
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    They are fine to eat.
    The only consumption bar in our area is suprisingly Canyon Lake and it's on striped bass and gar...high mercury levels. No more than 8oz per month..
    I don't eat gar and rarely catch not much to worry about.
    But Calaveras & Braunig are fine.
    TPW stays on top of our bodies of water to ensure these things.
    So, fish fry it on up rob!
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    Kerrville Texas
    besides, if yer worried about sewage, frying the fish kills whatever bacteria that would be there.
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    Woodway, Texas
    " Ya know what makes me SICK" From Earl Pits radio voice.:big_smile:

    I am NO TREE HUGGER by ANY MEANS, but IT IS A DARN SHAME when we have to go to TPWD INTERNET site to see if it is OK to eat fish from the local waters!!!!!!!!:angry::angry::angry::0a9::0a6:

    Sorry to go into a rant, but I remember when you could eat fish from any old stream or lake and we didn't even think about any "BAD" stuff in the fish!! It's just a DARN BAD THING we have to deal with!! :embarassed:

    I think we should make these arse holes that own these companies who are ruining the waters eat nothing but the fish and other wildlife they are poisoning with their waste!! Give them a Little bit of their own medicine!!:0a30:

    Anyway again sorry about the rant, and I will get off of my Soap Box now!

    Take Care and have FUN!!