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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Rockin' Blues, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. Rockin' Blues

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    st.louis mo.
    I would like to know how you like your catfish?I like mine fried in peanut oil with Uncle Bucks seasoning.Preferably fresh cats! :D
  2. flathunter

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    I buy mine farm raised from the grocery store, I just fry them up in vegtable oil.

  3. TOPS

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    I buy mine also,I do not like cleaning catfish :cursing: I put most of mine back into the water :D My wife has a special sauce/marinade that she soaks the fish in, very good, Makes you want to slap your granny :D
  4. Schoe

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    Moline ILL.
    Fellas, If you ever tasted a catfish out of good water you would throw rocks at the farm raised cats. They taste like a lot of nothing.

    The cats I keep to eat out of the Rock River are with out a doubt the best tasting cats I have ever eaten and I'm sure there are a lot of other body's of water that produce some just as good.

    I use Frying Magic and Golden Dip breading mix blended together which is available at most major grocery stores. If I want a thicker crust I mix 1 egg with a cup of milk and dip my fish in it then roll it in the breading mix before frying in 350 degree Peanut oil to a golden brown, please enjoy. Schoe
  5. on_the_fly

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    i make my own batter out of yellow corn mill an enough flour to bring corn mill to a fant yellow, add salt n pepper. some times i will add a little pancake batter to it , if i want a little spice some times i will add a little cajin pepper to it. i like all my fish in small chuncks. i pre soak all my fish in lemon juice over night befor cooking, i have been doing that for years an have found that it takes the fishy tast out of catfish expecaly. i fry in penut or vegie oil, but if im frying a big mess i use penut oil because it holds heat better an oil dont burn/ scorch. un like most restarants that will say if it floats its done not for me if its still slimmy its not done , the oil lets me know because you can hear it stop cooking. comes out great an flakey like it should. i have a fish fry every year an this past year i had 5 people tell me they didnt care much for fish but loved mine.
  6. Chuckb

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    Pana Illinois
    I love my catfish!! Hey Top you reminded me of my favorite song. Honkytonk Bedonkeydonk! "slap your Grandma" lol :happy:
  7. Okccatman

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    The way I prepare it varies alot. But one thing is a constant..... store bought fish is not allowed in the house. There is an exception to caned tuna and salmon.

    My favorite way to prepare catfish is from a recipe I found on the BOC. flour and instant potatoes with seasoning. Just fry it up and serve.