Eatin Bowfin???

Discussion in 'ALL OTHER FISH' started by ArmyCatfish, Jan 31, 2008.

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    alright lookin through these posts of a couple Bowfin i had to ask if they are good eatin. and if so is there any special way to prepare them. ive only ever caught one but it was nice about 7 pounds.
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    I have known a few old timers that would always ask me to keep them one or two when I was on their part of the river. They would take and boil the meat off the bone and make patties out of them like salmon patties. Although its been years ago, I did try some once that they cooked and it was really very good or either I was just hungry as hell......personally.....I use them for boat paddle practice

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    I don't know about other ways, but I know one way that they are good. But the key is keeping them alive, not fresh, alive! Keep them alive all way to the cutting board, fillet them, batter them and fry them, all at once! Do not refrigerate and do not freeze, or you'll have meat that looks and feels like pudding. Trust me, I left some overnight in the fridge and tried to use a fork to pick it up the next day, and the fork slid right through the meat. But fried fresh, they are very tasty!
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    Ok fried and "hot" don't let the fried meat get cold or it will be like eating a cottonball and soak up every bit of moisture you have in your mouth
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    They are a little tough to clean, but they are very tasty fried. Like others have said, you have to eat them hot. The texture totally changes after they get cold.....
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    Sought after their Roe and good taste we have a min size and creel limit with them. We call them "cypress trout" because if you throw a spinner among cypess knees or stumps you're very likely to catch one.

    Very good to eat, If you want to keep them-keep them on beau coup ice. I do not skin them since it is easier to use a pirhana electric knife and start just behind the head and run along the back bone and without separating the the slab from the tail- continue in the same motion separating the skin from the meat. Flip the fish and repeat the process-no mess. This process is for Slabs or filets.

    If you want to make "steaks' out of them for a courtbouillion for example. simply take the electric knife and start at the head as before but run along the bottom of the fish separating the skin. Flip the fish and repeat. Then you can steak the fish in 1 1/2"-2" pcs for the dish.

    Alot of folks make fish balls with this meat .

    +++++ Caution++++++++

    Check with your local Wildlife and Fisheries or Dept of Natural Resources to see if there are waters near by with mercury contamination. (In La., lakes and waters are posted in the wildlife guide.)-certainly other States would have something similiar. La. has alot of naturally occuring mercury.Bowfin or as we say locally "choupique" are an oily fish with a great affinity for absorbing minute amounts of mercury. Very bad for pregnate or nursing Moms.

    Bon apetit mois ami!!