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How many times have you had a fish hit but not get a hookup. And reel in to find that the bait has filled the gap of your hook up and would not let the bait work like it should? This tool takes care of that just rig up that big bait with our Bridling kit. This way the whole hook is open to do its work. Even allows you to attach a swivel in line slide a swivel over the hook and then the bait clip. Then that way the bait can't twist up your line when the current is running.
This rig is going to be a Big hit with Live bait fisherman also. Rig up that hand size bream and use a chin weight on him. This way it makes him struggle the whole time. That live bait can't just lay there it has to work . This is going to drive that big Flat head or Blue or even channel cat crazy..
Order yours today.
Wild Wolf Products
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