Easy way to put braid on reel?

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    Well: been fooling around with the fishin string, line, thread, whatever for a very long time. Now in the fall of my time I have decided to go with a bunch of power pro braided line. The only time I ever used braided line was in the 40's and 50's when that was all there was on the cane pole, and on the old Great Bend & Shakspere "no cast" level wind reels. I’m all fixed to go but my reels hold a lot more line than the amounts I have of the braid. I can’t figure how to use the mono line I have on the reels (new this spring) as a backer to the new line and still come out with a full reel. I’m thinking of my Penns to ultralites. Seems like I will have to put the braid on the empty spool first and then fill with the mono and then reverse the combination. Short of going out in the south 40 and tying it to a tree and stepping it off I don’t have a clue. I hope this is a little bit clear. My wife says I don’t have a clue about anything any more, and I am hopelessly, completely confused. Little she knows I still got my secrets. Thanks for any help.
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    Maybe using half mono followed by braid would work. Or do like I do and use just enough mono to cover the spool , then follow it up with braid. Hope this helps and good luck!!

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    I just fill my spool with braid to begin with when adding it to an empty reel. No backup needed..:wink:
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    It's kind of a guess really. I've never done it like you described. I've just always guessed based on the line capacity of the reel and the diameter of the braid. Leave an estimated amount of line on and then spool with braid. I've always come pretty close. Of course this was working in a tackle store with an electric winder and bulk spools. If you're trying to use a 100 or 150 yard spool and use it all filling up the spool then it gets more difficult. I would probably just guess, then see how close you are. Get a notepad and make notes of what adjustments you want to make on each reel. Then when you replace the braid make the adjustments.

    You may also want to look at buying one of these: http://www.linewinders.com/. Look at the one on the lower left. It's the least expensive, and will work at home or with 12V. I have one and I love it. The only complaint I have is it has a trigger you pull with a finger for the speed control instead of a foot pedal that I'm used to, but I make do. Being that it's a 12V DC motor, I haven't been able to find any foot pedals for it. If you get one of those then doing like you said won't be so hard or time consuming.
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    i ran into a problem with the braided fireline made by berkley. i would spool it, and i could tighten my drag as much as i wanted and it would unspool on its own accord. to fix that, i just took some 8lb test mono, spooled about 1/3, or just enough to cover my spool good, and tied the fireline to it, and away i went. worked like a charm.