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Discussion in 'Castnet(s)' started by foodsaver, Apr 13, 2006.

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    First of all before I say anything about this net just know I am not at all affiliated with the guy that sells these.

    I bought one of those easy throw cast nets off of Ebay and let me tell you the guy that sells these things is probably one of the best people I have dealt with on Ebay. he apparently is the same guy that invented this method of throwing a cast net with a metal ring at the top of the net. I don't quite have throwing it down, cause I need a bit more practice but its so much easier to throw then a regular cast net. It opens up so nice and pretty most of the time which is much better then I can say for when I threw the net before. What was really impressive is that he gives out his number to everyone that buys one of his nets and when you call him he will talk you through throwing it until you get it down perfectly. I just think in this day and age when so much of the time people are only out to make a buck the ones that go above and beyond should be recognized for it. If you need a cast net he is a great place to get it from.
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    Thanks for the info! Yea there are some decent people on Ebay, plus a lot of idiots that mess it up for everyone which scares people away. Glad it worked out for you and I will look at that next time I get a cast net!

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    New York
    Do you know his website on eBay ?
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    Do a search on eBay for "Easy Throw Net", and you will find him.
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    Craig, did you think to mention the BOC and invite him to become a member of the Greatest Catfishing Community on the Net???
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    i have one of the easy throw nets. bought it at walmart several years ago. the only thing i do not like about it is you can't throw it in tight quarters. need room to throw it.
  7. Mr.T

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    Wally World sells the 5' Easy Throw net for about $24 - didn't look in eBay, but I'll bet it's not that cheap once you add shipping.
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    Ya, I have one of those Castnets. I traded for it because I needed a bigger net and the guy I got it from wanted a smaller one. It works great for me now, after I took the ring out of it.
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    Is this the same net that is made by Paul Arden? If it is, does anybody know where I can find one I looked on Ebay and at Wally World, no luck. I have looked on paularden.com and can't find any contact info. Any info would be appreciated. :confused2:
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    I have ripped up about 15 throw nets in the past 6 yrs but ive become proficient in tossing one and can even throw with my other hand.
    Not bragging just know how to throw a 12 ft. diameter net even though im only 5' 8 and have had back surgery. Its simple :
    step one you turn your body perpendicular to where you want to throw ( your dominant hand will be on side opposite the direction your throwing net) ( If throwing from boat tie net rope to a grommet otherwise anchor to non dominant wrist and toss extra rope out in front of you)
    step two lift net with non donminant hand to straighten .......then grasp net with dominant hand palm up between middle and next to last fingers about 4 inches below plastic ring that draw lines run through
    step three reach down with non dominant hand to bottom of net where weights attach and grasp opposite ( front ) side of net ....lift up and place over tips of fingers of dominant hand
    step four close dominant hand over one of the weights ............. now take rope where it attaches to draw lines and align loosely with non dominant hand with the weighted side of net nearest you
    step five let the rope and weights slide through your non dominant hand while still holding on to it and stretch your arms as far apart as possible
    step six rotate body away from target while holding net away from body....
    rotate body towards target and let go as you would if throwing a discus...the more you spin net at point of release the better it should open
    step seven let sink nearly to bottom then drag in bait and go catch'em
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    Thanks for the info!