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    I use half a plastic barrle as the tank. I pefer white to any other color. Some if you can find then have gallon markings on the side and that helps. The one I have and like to use is half a 75 galon drum. You just find one ya like and mark and cut in half with a zaw-saw. I cut handles in in it for ease of moven around.
    I use a cheap 12volt bait pump and have a 12 volt truck battery for power. The pump is loose with 6 ft of hose. The factory hose they come with are junk toss it. Replace with clear flexable PVC or vinal hose that is mesh reinforced. Now for the funn part rig a simple catch or 2 3/4 up the side of the tank with conduit clamps to slide. Make shure the end of the hose is into angled down some so it runns the water back into the tank.
    To fill just gator clip the the pump to the battery and pump around 20 to 35 gallons of water into the tank and add 2 cups or so of non iodized salt or stock salt. Set your pump in the bottom of the tank and coil the hose around the inside and slip into the condit holder to hold it steady. Net about 10 to 50 shad depending on size and drop in.
    To add more oxygen you can make a spray bar out of pvc with or with out a end cap and drill 8 or10 holes in it , in a line. Then just push it into the hose. I pefer to not have a end cap so it picks up air and makes the water swirl in the tank and dont get clogged as easy. The shad will purge in 10 minuts or so pump the old water out down to 10 gallons and pump fresh back in. I might do 2 to 3 pump outs a night refreshing the water in the tank. I alos like to add a handful of salt every time I do it. I keep shad, mooneye, gills ect alive for a fishen trip this way easy. For netting shad for bait I use a close soft mesh trout landing net you can get @ wal-mart for 5 bucks. I will post some pics soon of this rig. Shad are easy to keep alive if you take the time to set up a good tank for em.
    Even if you only use cut shad haven em fresh and frisky will give you top cut bait. Me I like to usen em alive or cut @ the same time to up the odds on a nice catfish.
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    i will have to use this because ive been looking for a bait tak but i gess itll be easier to build one. thanks