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    It is that time of year where most of us starting working on projects for the coming catfishing season. I saw a number of good ideas for rod holders in the library and I thought I would share the one I made that works great on the shore and in the boat. I bought a couple of side mounts for my boat Atwood rod holders and mounted them on a 5 gallon bucket. It works great when you are fishing from the shore because the bucket comes in handy for hauling bait, tackle and other equipment. If it seems tippy when your heavy rods are in it just fill the bucket with water and it is immediately stable and will hold any size rod. I also use this setup in the boat when I want to fish sideways with the boat and need rod holders in a spot with no rod holder mounts. They cost a few bucks but they are worth it.

    I have caught some nice channels with this rig and have not had any problems with the bucket moving. I normally fill the bucket full of water once I am setup where I want to fish. It is pretty stable with the extra weight of the water. I always lock the rod in the holder with the rod lock on the end of the rod holder. If a fish is going to take it in the water he is going to have to take it bucket and all because the rod holder will not give up the rod and reel.

    When I first started using this setup I was concerned about the bucket moving and I had a standard tent peg in the bucket with a short loop of line. I would loop the line around the bucket handle and tie it to the peg and anchor the peg in the ground next to the bucket. By the end of last season I stopped doing that because I never seemed to need the extra stability of the tent peg.

    Here is a picture: