Easy Never Fail Fish Batter

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    We have all tried all kinds of fish batter, whether it be in a Restaurant or at a friends. Sometimes we just simply read about one and experiment at home. Well, my 84 year old aunt has always fried the catfish that I use as a ruler to measure the quality of any other that I eat by. She & my Uncle always put on the church fish fry every year & everyone always raves about how good it is. I am going to "Let the Cat out of the bag".....LOL....It sounds too simple to be so good. Go to Walmart & get a box or bag of each, (1) "Louisiana Original Unseasoned Fish Fry" and (1) "Louisiana Seasoned Fish Fry". Mix them half and half, pat dry your filets with a paper towel, (Don't put any other seasoning) simply roll them in the mixture & deep fry at 350 degrees. That is all there is to it. The Louisiana brand isn't sold everywhere, but I know the Walmart here carries it. You might have to Google it to find it in your area.....Enjoy....