Easy-Made Bank Rod Holders!!!

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    Here is some easy made rod holders for you bank-fishermen. Some may make these the same, thought I would share. Go to your local hardware, or Tractor Supply Co. Go to where they sell stock, get ya some 36in. steel smooth rod, they have different diameters as well. I think I payed less than 2 dollars apiece for them. Place them in a vice, and bend the first loop to your liking. I then used a piece of steel tubing to bend the second loop for the "S" bend to hold your pole upright in. Quick and easy to make, and will last ya a long time. If you are a bankfisherman that likes to keep your fishing poles parallel to the water, simply use two of these, in a row. Works fine. Here is another helpful tip for those that always seem to lose things like this in the dark. Wrap ya some reflective tape around the holder. So at end of the night when you think you have all your gear packed up, you can simply shine a light down the bank. They will stick out like a sore thumb! Also, if you are like me, and wanna make extras, they work great to hold up a grill rack on four corners over an open fire! :cowboy: Hope this helps some, and remember... They are soo easy to make, a cave man could do it! LOL.. Goodluck, rollo

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    Good idea Jason seems cheap enough for anyones budget! Also would make a good Lantern holder for camping or what not!

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    Thanks for sharing. Probably could do the same thing to make a lantern holder
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    I bet you could get the right diameter rod, make the bends, and thread the bottom end so that it would screw into the rod holder bases on your boat. That would save you about $30 on a store bought latern holder that mounts to the boat.