Easy & Cheap Bank rod holder

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    I don,t know if anyones submitted this before but these are my rod holders that I whacked together about 5 years ago.You can go to Home Depot or any hardware store & put them together in about 5 minutes each..Go to the plumbing dept and the 3/8 in pipe section.The pipe & fittings are already threaded.I buy a 60in piece for the main shaft,I then cut it in half,so I get 2 mainshafts out of it.The 3 smaller pieces are 4 inch nipples. The only other parts needed are 1 Tee fitting,1 90 degree elbow and 2 end caps.Everything else is pretty self-explanatory.Just put the pieces in your vise and tighten them up really good.I also cut the mainshaft on a 45 degree angle on the bottom,it goes through the rocks where I pound it in easier then.I keep a 3# hammer with me for whacking them in.I aint found nothing I can,t get em through yet,except solid concrete.I,ve never had one pulled out yet either,I,ve walked away to take a whiz and come back to have fish pull out 50 yds against the drag. Depending on what size reels you use,you may want to adjust the size of the nipples,so that your reel won,t fit through them.The 4 inch size works good for my 6500,s & 7000,s.I like to paint them a nice brighr color so I don,t trip over them at night,or leave them there