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Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by crmule, Aug 19, 2007.

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    I have not seen where any one has used mudfish [bowfin] for cat bait .I have use it for years on my trots ,It works great and stays on the hook well I also use cut up eels they are great bait. They catch almost as good as mudfish.
    note: roll eels in corn meal before handaling they are slick
    Live eels are great for channels and blues also Strippers and large mouth.
    bewell CRMULE
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    I never really thought about using mudfish for cut bait. I may give it a try next time I catch one. Eels I can't stand those things when I catch one of them I take the hatchet to it to be sure it will never bite another hook. Funny story about catching a eel. One day I hooked into a big one at the lake and pulled out the 44mag and blew it in half. I didn't think much about it when I done it. But then I noticed everyone on the bank of the lake started loading up real fast everyone but one old man and they were all looking at me real funny but NO one said a word to me. I went on fishing the next day me & my cuz went back to the lake as soon as we got out of the truck this old black man told my cuz -Tell your buddy I said thinks. My cuz asked him what he ment he said y-day I was catching lots of fish until everyone else showed up and started casting into my spot Then your buddy ran everyone off and I started catching fish again.LOL Now everytime we see this old guy he comes over and B.S. with us. The last time I seen him there was lots of ppl at the lake and this old guy looked at me and said I think it's about time to shoot a eel. LMAO

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    LMAO! That's why everyone left last night when I broke out the 12ga and dispatched a cottonmouth! Couldn't figger it out....