Eastwood Lake last night

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    Got to meet up with a fellow boc brother(Mikefisherman) last night and fished eastwood lake in dayton... wasnt too sucessful on the fishing.. but it was good to meet a new fishing buddy... we had a couple hits.. but nothing real productive... Mike we will definiety do alot more fishing this yr.. and we will get into so good fish...

    Catfish John
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    hey, i almost went there last night also. we decided to hit the gmr instead. thing about Eastwood is you really need to get out at least 50 yards almost everywhere in that lake for cats at night, something about the clarity of the water keeps them from comming in close. there are some really nice channels in there, and actually a decent population of flatties that resulted some of us locals releasing them in there from years gone by. maybe we can hook up one night there and do some fishing.

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    hey bud , fished eastwood again today. until dark. not a bite . we forced to fish the same spot you and me fished. oh park ranger also told me thrusday through sunday night . is open all night . just like i thought. lets hook up and try it again . heck get dinkbuster or how ever you spell it .
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    <<Scott pokes his head in the thread and wants to fish Eastwood again.>> It has been years. Dad and I also used to catch huge carp in the ponds across the street that now are off limits. Two poles and a box of Wheaties was all we needed. I am tired of catching bait again and would like to expand my horizons in the area when it comes to cats My work schedule is tricky but I am off work at 9 PM Mon-Wed and off on Thu off at 5:00 on Friday. Saturday has band practice after work in the morning and I have to spend time with my sweet baby and her kids. They all like to fish too. Maybe we can meet some time as I have fond memories of fishing and sailboating on Eastwood and it isn't far from here and is really close to where my G/F stays.