Eastern Rivers

Discussion in 'LOCAL NORTH CAROLINA TALK' started by jimbob3445, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. jimbob3445

    jimbob3445 New Member

    New Bern, North Carolina
    Hey when do you guys think the rivers in the east will finally go down and stop being flooded nothing has been biting and the rivers are muddy as heck since they flooded
  2. joe0580

    joe0580 New Member

    north carolina
    as soon as they stop getting all this rain up near greensboro and the foot hills it will go down. i know that when jordon stop letting water out it will start dropping within 12 houors at lock #3 and 24 here in elizabethtown. just depends on mother nature.

  3. Fishing Fred

    Fishing Fred New Member

    Lillington, N.C
    Jonathan, Was fishing Cape Fear Sat. and rode up thur the Haw to the tailrace of Jordan Dam. They were releasing so much water from Jordan I could hardly hold in the current up near the dam. As long as Jordan is up you will be getting lots of water down your way just like Joe was saying. Deep river was not up nearly as much. You could see the diffrence in the color of the water where the Deep and Haw ran together ( mouth of Cape Fear ) . Deep river is finally starting to clear some. Should be down soon if no new heavy rains come this way.