Eastern, Ky report Johns creek area

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    Did a little bit of fishing the last couple days. Teaching my wife the fine art of trotlining:tounge_out: The cats seem to still be on for the most part but she did catch 2 nice channels yesterday and one really nice 24" channel today(male, most signs of nesting were gone). Along with two largemouth bass on cutbait:eek:oooh::eek:oooh: Turtles were everywhere. Could hardly keep a nib baited for the things. Caught three and lost several more from the looks of it.:roll_eyes: Id say in a week or two at the most cats will be back in full swing around here:wink:
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    Those turtles can wreck a setline. I've had them straighten hooks like a sewing needle.Glad to hear the report. I've not been out in a week or two but I've been pouring sinkers and respooling. It should start getting better around here. Now if we could only get some rain.